CREEPY CLOWNS: The Lunatic'ler

The long awaited feature film CREEPY CLOWNS: The LUNATIC'ler is now available on DVD.

This is the story of a mild mannered artist who was tickled and molested by his alcoholic mother's deranged carnie clown boyfriend. Now he is at the mercy of a monstrous alter ego: a killer clown with a tickling fetish. Meanwhile, a troubled streetwise girl seeks the help of her ex-boyfriend and his slacker friends to help find her younger brother who has mysteriously disappeared and is rumored to have been murdered by a creepy clown in the woods. As the body count escalates, one brave video gamer tries to stop the clown's bloody rampage in this darkly comic and outrageously twisted tale.

Stars Heather Drew, Edward X. Young, Dylan Ludemann, Lisa Dean, Chase Bolnick, Pete Jacelone, Gedaliah D. Lozon, Ben Akaezuwa, Jesse Amici, David Teitel, Matt Radzai and John Link.
Screenplay by Trevor Wright, Directed by Pete Jacelone. Original musical score by Anthony Belluscio.

This special Limited Edition DVD contains the feature length director's version of the movie plus lots of bonus features including teasers, alternate and deleted scenes and the music video "Lunatic Dreams" performed by The Dirty Blondes.

This movie is NOT YET RATED.
Movie running time: 1hr. 20min.
Total DVD running time about 2 hours.

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